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Books that help you transform, evolve, deepen relational connections, and face any event, circumstance, or challenge with  confidence, joy, self-love, and abundant success!!
Risk is the price you pay for opportunity. ~Anonymous
 If you risk nothing, you gain nothing.    ~Billy Holiday 
"Now that you realize you are the one responsible for controlling your thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and books share tools you can apply to exercise your control.
Take a risk on yourself, you deserve it!"    ~Michael J. Russ

A way of neutralizing challenges and adversity that leaves you feeling awesome!

A set-by-step format for harnessing the innate power of your self-talk to be, do, and have!

What are you doing to make yourself a better person tomorrow than you were today?


As you change yourself, you transform the world around you.

~Michael J. Russ

All titles are available on in audiobook or digital download format.

Zero Adversity is also available on in paperback and eBook format.

Smart College Career Moves is also available on in eBook format.

A powerful introduction to self-talk.

I have applied the practical processes in this book for over 35 years to achieve every sales goal I set for myself!

A book that reveals exactly what you need to do NOW to succeed after graduation.

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