"Life didn't come with an instruction book,
so its up to you to figure it out as you go.
I can help with that!"



"When you love yourself without 

condition, you open pathways others can follow to love you."

~MJ Russ

Improve Your Feelings & Circumstances

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"Your individual experiences are your superpower!"
"What counts is not what happens,
but what you make of what happens."
~MJ Russ

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Imagine being your best and most empowered self every day. Carefully curating your feelings, attitude, energy, resilience, prosperity, and relational intelligence, while also having the life tools and confidence to mount a successful response to any event or circumstance.

There is nothing more gratifying for me than witnessing someone stepping into their sovereignty and applying “personal alchemy” to continually transform their thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and actions, in real time to experience themselves and their life in a way they never imagined possible.

Over 3 decades ago, when I was physically and emotionally challenged by my choice of career, I came face to face with my “personal sovereignty” via a moment of "inner clarity." I realized I had been letting uncontrollable outside influences—people, events, and circumstances—dictate the tone and direction of my thoughts, self-talk, feelings, responses, capabilities, and experience of life.

As a result of my inner realization, I embraced my sovereignty and crafted practical life moves I could make in real time to transform initial negative thoughts, self-talk, feelings, and responses to what I experienced. These moves put me on a trajectory that curated the person I have become, the life I am experiencing, and the success I have been achieving.

Taking responsibility for my personal sovereignty was a “game changer” for me and I have made it my mission to help you tap into your personal sovereignty, take control, and apply the alchemy you have been empowered with to shape your own personal and life evolution. 

I share my “Life Moves” through Keynotes, coaching sessions, podcasts, videos, live Zoom Conferences, and soon, live webinars. If you would like to set something up for you or your people, please message me via this media or email inquiry@michaeljruss.com.

"Life is a journey for which there is no rehearsal...

                         ~Michael J. Russ

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