Life Moves

a podcast


This podcast takes over where Michael's the Beyond the 3D podcast ends.

Unfortunately, life doesn't come with an instruction book.

If it did, it would have told you that leading a happy life involves making specific mental moves.


Life Moves that foster amazing feelings and positive outcomes.

In my Life Moves podcast, I present strategies, ideas, concepts, and processes rooted in Sovereignty and Personal Alchemy to

positively respond to life's unending array of events and circumstances. 

You'll know you are making the right Life Moves because you will be happy, fulfilled, joyous, and confident!

Use the Life Moves to:

  • Turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Take control of your feelings.

  • Let happiness and love flow.

  • Pursue goals & dreams with confidence.

  • Develop more meaningful relationships.

  • Overcome challenges and adversity.

  • Achieve what you imagine!


Available on:

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