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Life Moves

a podcast


The Life Moves Podcast, previously called the 

Beyond the 3D podcast, expands on Michael's experiential wisdom by sharing Practical Enlightenment you can apply every day to feel the best and most powerful version of yourself.

Michael refers to this podcast as, "the practical instruction book you should have received when you were born," because it helps you be the happy, fulfilled, confident, and prosperous person you were when you were born, by sharing mental moves you can apply to deal with the stuff of life that gets in the way of being that way.

With the Life Moves this podcast shares, you can:

  • Turn every challenge into an opportunity.

  • Be in control of your feelings.

  • Keep happiness, confidence, and self-love flowing.

  • Develop meaningful relationships.

  • Be amazingly resilient!

  • Achieve what you imagine!

Listen at:


Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, 

Spotify, and iHeartRadio 

Listen to this sample episode of the

Life Moves Podcast

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