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"Life Move #44: "You have to see it to be it!"


"You were born happy, curious,

creative, loving, and enthusiastic.


If you aren't now, it's because you learned to be otherwise"



Life Move #5: If you want love in your life, you must love yourself unconditionally first."

"Your experiences are your superpower!"
"What counts is not what happens,
but what you make of what happens."
~MJ Russ

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Imagine having the ability to create your reality...what you think, how you feel, the conversation going on in your head, and the way you respond to life. You control everything--your feelings, attitude, energy, resilience, prosperity, relational intelligence, and success! 

There is nothing more gratifying for me than witnessing someone stepping into their Personal Sovereignty and applying Personal Alchemy to Be the best and most empowering version of themselves, regardless of what happens in their life.

Over 3 decades ago, when I was physically and emotionally challenged by my choice of career, I came face to face with my sovereignty via a moment of "inner clarity," when I realized I had been letting what was happening outside of me--people, events and circumstances--control what was happening inside of me--how I felt and what I felt capable of.

As a result of my inner realization, I crafted practical life moves I could make in real time to transform initial negative thoughts, self-talk, feelings, and responses to what I experienced.


These moves put me on a trajectory that curated the person I have become, the life I am experiencing, and the success I have been achieving.

Taking responsibility for my personal sovereignty was a “game changer” for me and I have made it my mission to help you take complete control of your mind, body, spirit and life evolution. 

My “Life Moves” are shared through my podcast, keynotes, coaching sessions, videos, live Zoom Conferences, and soon, live webinars.


If you would like to set something up for yourself or your people, please message me via this media or email

If you would like a one on one coaching session to assess how you can assume greater control over yourself and your life trajectory, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Just email


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"Life is a journey for which there is no rehearsal...

                         ~Michael J. Russ

Videos "soon come"...

Michael J Russ How Mastering Your Self Talk Improves Your Health
Catherine Carrigan

Michael J Russ How Mastering Your Self Talk Improves Your Health

Medical intuitive healer Catherine Carrigan interviews author, speaker and podcast host Michael J. Russ of about how mastering your self talk improves your health. For more information about how you can set up a medical intuitive reading or healing work, please visit or email To sign up for Catherine Carrigan's email newsletter so you can learn even more about natural healing, please visit: To learn more about how you can be healthy naturally, follow my interviews for the Natural Healing Show for UK Health Radio on Youtube at this link: To find out about Catherine Carrigan's books please visit her Amazon Author Central Page at this link: To receive a FREE copy of The Little Book of Breathwork by Catherine Carrigan, please email Questions addressed in this interview include: “Being the best and most powerful version of yourself” seems like quite a mountain to climb for most people, is this really a state people can achieve and sustain? What does it mean to have sovereignty over our thoughts, words and actions? How can we transform the way we feel through the process you describe as inner alchemy? Why do the most powerful affirmations begin with "I am, I can, I have or I will?" What are some common mistakes many of us make in our self talk? You often say that your topics emanate from experiential wisdom. How did your background lead to your becoming an author and podcast host? You started producing your “Beyond the 3D” podcast a few years ago and have just launched a podcast called “Life Moves.” Why two podcasts and how are they different from each other? In the description of your” Life Moves” podcast, you say that “Sovereignty” and “Alchemy” are at the heart of every Life Move you share. Why are sovereignty and alchemy so important and how do they impact health and wellbeing? What is self-talk and why is it so important? How does manifestation progress from Be, Do and Have? Can you give us an example of self-talk programming that fosters greater health and wellbeing? In your book, Zero Adversity, you share what you call a “successful response.” Would you tell us what it is and let us know what makes it successful? #Zeroadversity #selftalk #positiveaffirmations #healingthemind #medicalintuitive #naturalhealing #naturalhealth #healing #positivethinking #mentalmastery #thinkforsuccess #manifestation #sovereignty #alchemy
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